Friday, March 6, 2015


My home is very small. A one bedroom less than 700 square feet.
We have no room at all especially since my husband loves collecting and storing merchandise for his stereo business he does from home as an extra way to bring in income.

I need major help with organizing and cleaning.
The worst room, is the kitchen. This place comes with no counter space or cabinet space at all. I need to go find stoarage containers for a reasonable or cheap price to start this project.
First most I need to clean and throw things out.
Wish me luck. There's a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kid tantrums

Today I had to take my son, who is 3, to a WIC appointment. We went into the appointment with him half sleeping. When he was in there though, he was playful and cheerful. Towards the end of the appointment he and his sister started acting out. His sister who is almost 7 decided she didn't want to share any of the toys that was layed out for kids to play. I had to tell her to sit next to me instead of playing, until she calmed down. My son decided to smash his car into everything and everyone. When I told my son to be nice he did it more so I took his car away and then he started screaming. So embarrassing, so I took him outside.
The appountment ended and we left. My son was still screaming and threw his car into the ground. He wanted to pick it up but I told him if he wanted to toss it away he wasn't going to get it. I put him in his seat in the car, ran back for his toy car since I barely got it for him for his birthday, just a few days ago, and we came home.
I tell you, when kids need heir naps, they are so grouchy. I made a appointment at a time when he usually doesn't nap, but lately his naps have been random so I can't predict it and will just make appointments and hope for the best.

There are so many things I could of done to lesson the drama. But it is what it is.
Till next time.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Stay at home mom

Hi there! Today I wanted to make a quick post about being a stay at home mom.
I have been a stay at home since my second child was born. I did go back to work for three months after he arrived but it was more convenient to stay home. it has been almost 3 years.

I love being a stay at home mom. I get to interact with my kids daily and am able to care for them closely and go through all the milestones with them.
There is some controversial things people have said about being a stay at home mom. But I believe everyone's life is different and every persons decision should be made in thought of what's best for them and their children.

Honestly I have so much to say but just wanted to come on and write something quick. I am on my phone today so it's a bit difficult.  Well I'll be back. I have a whole list of things I want to post so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New ideas

So organizing time to blog is rather tricky since I am starting new.
I have read and heard how long it takes to up and start a blog. It definitely takes time.
I have been on Pinterest pinning many things just to see how to go about this.
I really want to make regular purpose to blog.
Oh how I love pintrest!

First off I will have family oriented posts. Anything to do with family, kids, marriage.
Secondly, post about the home. Anything to do with organizing, cleaning, managing will be included as well.
I'm thinking of planning weekly assignments for myself too so i can get a hang of this blogging.
Organizing this will be key to making my blog successful!

Wish me luck, to whoever reads this! I know I can do it.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mommy advice

Number one advice I can give is, listen to your child!
I figured that out when I had my second child.

My son was playing with his sister's pen and was scribbling on some paper then all of a sudden he screamed and threw the pen near me and walked away. I asked him what's wrong but he can't speak yet so he just left. After he left I started playing with the pen and realized it was out of ink!
In that moment it clicked in my head that there is always a reason for my son to react/act certain way. His source of communication when frustrated is to scream and when that happens now, I know there is something he needs.

There is always a reason for their outbursts. There is always a reason for everything they do! It is our jobs as parents to help them figure it out. We are here to point them in the right direction.
We are their first teachers.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hi All!

By my sons 2nd birthday he was officially potty trained. He goes to the bathroom during the day and has not have much accidents. It took about 5 months in total with a month break during those time.

Tomorrow i will start the Bikini Series hosted by the Tone It Up girls.

very excited and i have journal in all my goals to accomplish by summer.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Parenting tips: Potty training (boy)

I just started potty training my son.
He is 19 months. He is very energetic. He takes direction very well and will follow them.
He will point to his diaper when he #1 and #2. He does not notice yet when he has to go though, which is fine because he is still learning.

My sister in law donated her son's potty chair to us to help my son start training.
It can be converted to where he just sits directly on the toilet seat as well.

This is a similar one to the one we have. It will come apart and it will be just a seat that I can place on top of the toilet seat.

Training is going well. I am starting off with taking him to the bathroom with me whenever I have to go.
He will sit on his chair and pretend to go as well, with his diaper on. I will be doing this for a little while until he gets the hang of it and is able to sit still for much longer.
Next step I will be taking is going on the seat with no diapers.
Afterwards no diapers during the day and consistently going to the potty.

More updates to come